The Executive Board of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo has been completed


The Board of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo at the meeting held on 24 January 2024 has appointed two deputy governors, thus completing the Executive Board, according to the new Organizational Structure approved in November 2023, based on International recommendations and best practices.
The appointment was made in line with the requirements of the Law on the CBK through a competitive and meritorious process, with the proposal of the Governor.

The appointed deputy governors Mrs. Nesrin Shileku - Shala and Mr. Milot Cakaj will be primarily responsible for the area of Financial Supervision, Market Practices, Review and General Services.

The three deputy governors together with the Governor make up the Executive Board, whose decisions are taken in collegial manner.

Upon completion of this process, all decision-making structures of the CBK defined in the Law on the CBK and the Organizational Structure are completed. These, inter alia, were requests from the International Monetary Fund Program as well as recommendations from its missions.