The CBK award for young economists


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK), with the aim of promoting scientific research, invites all young researchers to apply with their scientific work for the the CBK award to young economists. Through this call, the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo announces the following:

on the following topics:

  • The role of green finance in promoting sustainable economic development in Kosovo.
  • Cyber security, privacy and trust in finance.
  • Membership in SEPA as a driving factor for European integration.
  • Financial technological innovations and their impact on finance and financial inclusion.
  • The Importance of Financial Education in Consumer Protection.

Criteria for the content of the paper

  • The paper must be in the field of the financial sector and economic development in the Republic of Kosovo and beyond.
  • The paper must meet the criteria of a scientific work and can be in the similar form as a diploma thesis (Bachelor), part of a postgraduate diploma thesis (Master) or part of a doctoral thesis (Ph.D.).
  • The paper must be written in Albanian or Serbian, but each version must also be in English as the ethical standards for plagiarism will be checked.
  • The paper should not be longer than 8500 words.
  • Rules and standards for citing references using the APA publication manual (Edition 7), Chicago, Harvard or any other model.
  • The executive summary should not be longer than one page and the list of all references should be attached to the paper.
  • The paper is required to be in the M.S Word version, the font must be Times New Roman, size 12, with 1.5 spacing.
  • For the reference citation system, it is suggested to use the following software programs: Mendeley (Mendeley - Reference Management Software), EndNote (EndNote - The Best Citation & Reference Management Tool)  or Zotero (Zotero | Your personal research assistant).

The criteria for the selection of the paper by the evaluation commission at CBK

  • Notwithstanding the previous point, the final decision on the number of awards depends on the quality of the papers presented and will be taken at the end by the evaluation commission, therefore, the quality of the scientific papers sent determines the number of awards that will be given. The CBK reserves the right to reduce the number of awards depending on the quality of the papers received.
  • Winners of previous awards, current and former employees (in the last three years) of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, cannot apply to this competition.
  • Papers that do not coincide with the rules of ethics or prepared through artificial intelligence platforms will be rejected and processed according to the legal practices in force, notifying the relevant universities in this regard.

Criteria for application

  •  Candidates must be Kosovo students studying in or outside Kosovo.
  •  The candidate can be an individual author or main author and have a co-author of the paper.
  • Papers of candidates who bring other topics that are not relevant to the topics specified in this competition will not be taken into account.
  • The candidate must be a Bachelor's, Master's or PhD's level student.
  • The paper cannot be a paper published in scientific journals before.

Application procedures

  • Interested students can apply:
    By submitting their papers in the electronic version (PDF), to, or a written copy sent to the address: Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK), Attn. CBK Award to Young Economists, Garibaldi 33, 10000 Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo.
  • Your biography for reference.
  • Name of the thesis mentor and the relevant university/faculty, which is valid in the case when students collaborate with their lecturers during the work.
  • Copy of ID and contact details, such as: e-mail address, telephone number and residential postal address.
  • Evidence proving the level of Bachelor, Master or PhD studies in Kosovo.
  • After analysing the accepted papers, only the candidates whose papers will be selected by the evaluation commission will be notified.


The winners will be acknowledged by the CBK for their contribution. The awards are as follows:

First award 1600 euros

Second award 1100 euros

Third award 900 euros

Fourth award 800 euros

Fourth award 800 euros

The deadline for submitting the paper is 30 September 2024 at 16.30.