Governor Ismaili hosts EBRD Board Members


Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK), Mr. Ahmet Ismaili welcomed esteemed members of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Board of Directors. Representing nearly 36 countries from the EBRD constituency, these Board members visited Kosovo to gain insight into the country's economic development and to assess the impact of EBRD projects and support initiatives.

During the meetings, Governor Ismaili provided comprehensive updates on Kosovo's macroeconomic landscape, highlighting robust growth indicators and the resilience of the financial sector. He underscored key developments and initiatives undertaken by the CBK, including significant projects supported by the EBRD. Notably, Governor Ismaili expressed appreciation for the EBRD's crucial role in the advancement of Kosovo's banking legislation, particularly its contributions to the recovery and resolution framework.

Governor Ismaili further informed the EBRD Board from London about the changes in the Organizational Structure that included the establishment of the Recovery and Resolution Department within the CBK, aimed at enhancing financial stability. He emphasized ongoing collaborations with the EBRD in areas such as corporate governance regulations, implemented regulatory framework on factoring, and capacity-building initiatives for CBK staff in capital markets education and extending the access to finance.

In addition, Governor Ismaili elaborated on the CBK Strategic vision outlined in its 5-year Plan, emphasizing forthcoming projects of strategic importance. These initiatives are designed to enhance financial sector resilience, advance towards digitalization and foster greater financial inclusion.

Governor Ismaili on behalf of the CBK expresses gratitude for the EBRD's continuous support and reiterated the its dedication to fostering a resilient and inclusive financial environment in Kosovo.