CBK: The number of 500 euro banknotes withdrawn from circulation and deposited in the CBK exceeds 180 thousand


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosova announces that as a result of the Regulation on Cash Operations, the number of 500 euro banknotes deposited by citizens in commercial banks and then in the CBK, as money withdrawn from circulation, has exceeded 180,500 units, thus exceeding the value of 90 million and 250 thousand Euros.

This is one of the direct effects of the Regulation since its adoption, contributing to the achievement of the goal for a financial system with integrity, and thus helping the national strategy against informality and related phenomena.

The Regulation on Cash Operations, among others, determined that all banking and non-banking financial institutions are obliged to prohibit re-circulation of 500 euro banknote to their customers.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosova remains committed to advancing the legal and supervisory framework in implementation of its constitutional mandate and in accordance with its strategic objectives, with transparency and commitment to the public.