CBK and the Faculty of Economics sign a memorandum to further advance collaboration and activities related to economics, finance, and financial education


A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo and the Faculty of Economics at the University of Pristina “Hasan Prishtina” as part of the Global Money Week activities. The purpose of the agreement is to promote academic cooperation, the advancement of economic and financial knowledge, information exchange, and joint projects in the fields of economy, finance, and financial education.

The CBK Governor Ahmet Ismaili stated that this Memorandum is expected to contribute to the advancement and promotion of knowledge in the field of economy and finance in general, and financial education in particular. These initiatives will also be implemented in collaboration with other Kosovo-based higher education institutions, as the CBK remains dedicated to supporting this field of influence in line with its Strategic Plan.

This initiative seeks to close the gap between education and labour market demands by arranging lectures in economics, banking, and finance as well as other collaborative activities. In line with the goals of both institutions, cooperative efforts will enhance knowledge and the growth of the economic sector.

“The actions outlined in this memorandum will help the advancement of cooperation between the CBK and the Faculty of Economics, by contributing to the growth in developing and promoting of the knowledge in the fields of economics and finance. The financial sector's advancements are crucial to a country's economic growth. The financial sector is an integral part of the economic structure and has a great impact on many aspects of a country's economy”, stated Governor Ismaili during the Memorandum of Understanding signing.

Through this Memorandum, the CBK intends to build a joint platform with the Faculty of Economics, where joint projects and initiatives can be developed to raise and advance economic and financial education in Kosovo, with the aim of improving knowledge of young people on the economic and financial matters.  

Some of the actions listed by the CBK in this Memorandum include the exchange of publications and data, student lectures, expert engagement, research collaboration, curriculum review, and the planning of lectures with CBK experts.

The memorandum outlines the intention to establish a solid and beneficial partnership in order to support the continued economic stability and sustainable development of Republic of Kosovo.

Following the signing of this Memorandum, Governor Ismaili addressed the Faculty of Economics students with a lecture titled “The Central Bank and its role in the financial system of the Republic of Kosovo” and, at the conclusion, formally launched the annual “Young Economist” award application.