Central Bank and Ministry of Finance discuss economic recovery plan with bank executives


With the invitation of the Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr.Fehmi Mehmeti and the Minister of Economy and Transfers, Mr.Besnik Bislimi, a joint meeting with all heads of commercial banks operating in Kosovo, was organized at the CBK.
The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the developments and measures so far, to help the economy cope with the consequences caused by the pandemic COVID 19, as well as the discussion of the economic recovery plan for the following period.

On this occasion, the Governor of the CBK praised the constructiveness shown by the banking sector during this period, responding positively to the needs of the economy through the facilities provided to borrowers. Governor Mehmeti expressed confidence that the banking sector, which enjoys a high degree of sustainability and potential to further increase lending to the economy, will play a key role during the economic recovery phase by serving as a reliable partner for institutions in efforts to help the country’s economic recovery and further development.

Minister Bislimi also expressed high appreciation for the work of the banking sector during this period, who together with Deputy Minister Mr. Ilir Aliu presented to the bank executives the plan for economic recovery, which is being prepared by a working group that includes representatives of the Government, CBK and businesses. At the core of this plan is the credit guarantee scheme, which aims to increase credit financing and improve financing conditions for businesses and individuals.

On the other hand, Mr.Albert Lumezi, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Banks of Kosovo, expressed his gratitude for the quick response of the CBK regarding regulatory measures in relation to the management of the situation created during the pandemic, and welcomed the initiative to create an economic recovery plan, showing the willingness of the banking sector to contribute to this process.

All parties agreed to continue close cooperation in the process of finalizing the economic recovery plan and the need to start implementing such a plan as soon as possible in order to minimize the economic consequences of pandemic and help recovery and economic development of the country.