The Governor of the CBK Mr Ismaili welcomed the senior IMF delegation from Washington in a meeting


The Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo Mr. Ahmet Ismaili together with his collaborators, welcomed the IMF delegation in a meeting today, led by the Head of the Mission in Washington, Mr. Gabriel Di Bella.
The mission team will stay for a few days in the Republic of Kosovo as a part of the review process of the contractual arrangements on the current program.

Mr Di Bella together with his team congratulated the Governor Mr. Ismaili on his appointment as the Governor of the CBK and offered close cooperation and the full support of the IMF.

Governor Ismaili thanked Mr. Di Bella for the IMF's contribution to the development of the CBK so far, the advancement of the financial system, as well as the excellent cooperation in general.
During the meeting there were discussed recent developments in the financial sector with special emphasis on financial supervision, financial stability and statistics.

Governor Ismaili outlined the priorities and plans for implementation during his mandate for the CBK advancement in terms of governance, regulatory and supervisory framework, payment system, financial education and other important areas related to the objectives of the CBK by associating them with the necessary support of the IMF technical assistance. Technical assistance will be defined on the margins of the IMF's annual meetings that will be held next month, where the CBK delegation will be present alongside other member states.
During the meeting, it was concluded that the close cooperation between the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo and the IMF will continue in the future, both in terms of developments in the financial sector and the IMF support through technical assistance.