The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo announces a competition for the best video titled: “Take care of your money, secure your future”


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK) announces a competition for students of grades X-XII of secondary high schools in Kosovo, to make a video about their concept of: Safe money management, how to beware of potential risks when shopping online, how to beware of risks that may include financial fraud including phishing, online shopping frauds and data privacy risks.

The purpose of the video is to convey the message - protect yourself by being informed to avoid falling prey to financial scams due to limited knowledge.

The purpose of this competition is to develop knowledge and encourage students to develop an understanding of the importance of being informed about financial risks and scams when accessing the Internet.

The received videos will be evaluated by the commission which will be established to select 3 of the best videos.

The awards for the winning videos will be as follows:

First award €300,

Second award €200,

Third award €150.

Eligibility rules:

1. Video can be individual video or group video.

2. The video must be original creative work and clearly convey the message of the topic.

3. The video can be in Albanian or Serbian.

4. The video must have adequate content and structure for the topic, be original work and not copied.

5. The video must not be longer than 2 minutes.

6. Interested students can apply by submitting their videos to the e-mail or through Works can also be sent in physical form, in CDs to the following address:

To: Department for Public Relations and Financial Education
Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo
Department for Foreign Relations
St. Garibaldi No. 33, 10000, Prishtina.

7. Do not forget to write down your first name, last name, name of your school, grade, your phone number, your parent's phone number and your e-mail!

The winning videos will be owned by the CBK and will be used as educational material.
After the completion of the procedures for selecting the best videos, only the winning students will be contacted.

The deadline for submission will be: 10 May 2024.

Good luck!