The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo and the European Central Bank agree on the extension of the REPO Line


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo announces that the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) has granted an extension of the temporary Repo Line for the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo until January 31, 2025. 

The terms of the extension were accepted by the CBK in a confirmation letter dated January 29, 2024, following a request by the CBK ahead of expiration.

The temporary REPO Line in the amount of EUR 100 million provides an additional layer of precautionary security to address potential euro liquidity needs and maintain the stability of the Kosovo's financial system. It underscores the robust collaboration and support between the ECB and CBK, emphasizing the close partnership between these two institutions.

Although the REPO Line has not been utilized by the CBK, it considers that this instrument is supportive to the monetary and financial stability, in view of heightened global uncertainties and their potential risks for the economies and financial markets.

The CBK expresses gratitude and highest consideration to the Governing Council and the President of the European Central Bank.