The Governor welcomed the high delegation of the United States Embassy


The Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr Ismaili, welcomed in a meeting the newly appointed Mr Micah Savidge - Head of the Economic Sector and Mr Alexander Albertine - Director of the US Office of Economic Growth (USAID) in Kosovo.

Governor Ismaili congratulated the two senior leaders on their new duties, as well as expressed the gratitude and thanks of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo to the United States and the American people, for the unsparing help and unreserved support to the CBK, the institutions and the people of Kosovo. The USA, through institutional support from the Embassy, the Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, have made an irreplaceable contribution to the CBK, as well as the entire financial sector and more.

In this meeting, CBK's plans were revealed in terms of objectives, reformation and further development in areas such as financial stability, increased access to finance, internationalization, digitalization of services, technological developments and cyber risk, up to practices and adequate mechanisms for verification of participants in the financial system and beyond.

On their part, Mr Savidge and Mr Albertine congratulated Governor Ismaili on his new position and reaffirmed the US support for the Central Bank and its leadership, both in terms of maintaining institutional independence and in implementing the objectives, plans and building professional capacities.