The CBK awards prizes for the best essays in the competition “I save smartly – I invest in my future”


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo in the frame of Financial Education Program annual activities has organized the awarding ceremony for the best essay for high school students of grades X – XII. This competition was announced upon the occasion of marking the World Savings Day, with the motto "I save smartly – I invest in my future".

The Governor of the CBK, Ahmet Ismaili, congratulated the students for their essays, encouraging them to continue to engage on the importance of money and the culture of savings in particular.

"I congratulate you for the work done in your essays, the CBK encourages you to continue by showing the importance of financial education, money and the culture of savings in particular", said Governor Ismaili in front of the winning students.

Likewise, Governor Ismaili emphasized that the CBK will focus on financial education and the promotion of access to and inclusion in finance of all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

"The CBK will focus on financial education, access to finance and the promotion of financial inclusion, in cooperation with the relevant institutions. The world is changing quickly and we must keep up with it. We must prepare to face the advanced changes of information technology and digital transformation, the environmental and social changes, which have become part of our everyday life", emphasized Governor Ismaili.

The first prize for the best paper was awarded to the student Yllza Islami from the "Sami Frashëri" Gymnasium in Prishtina, the second place was awarded to the student Hira Mashkulli from the "Lorenc Antoni" Music School in Prizren, while the third place was awarded to students Narta Kazazi, Rumesa Bejiqi, Klesta Qehaja, Ron Kaçuri, Lis Ademi from the "Xhevdet Doda" Gymnasium in Prishtina, Yll Musliu from the Social-Linguistic Gymnasium "Dr. Shaban Hasani" in Ferizaj, Verona Beqiri from the High School of Economics "Hasan Prishtina" in Mitrovica and Sena Tyfekçi from "Gjon Buzuku" Gymnasium in Prizren.

On the other hand, on behalf of the winning students, Yllza Islami and Rumesa Bejiqi thanked the CBK for the opportunity given to them to be part of the competition, but also for increasing their knowledge inregarding finance.
This CBK activity concludes its activities within the framework of the World Savings Day that has been taking place since 2013. These events are hosted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

In the end, the present students asked questions to the CBK Governor and the Financial Education team, where they also commented on their life experiences about savings, while visiting the CBK's work premises.