General Data Dissemination System – GDDS

The Republic of Kosovo began its participation in the General Data Dissemination System – (GDDS), on April 1, 2011. The GDDS is one of the IMF’s Data Standards Initiatives which guide members in the dissemination to the public of their economic and financial data. To see the GDDS metadata of the Republic of Kosovo published on the IMF’s Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB), please, click here:A National Summary Data Page – NSDP is posted on the website of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK) and includes macroeconomic indicators (data categories) related to the four sectors of the national economy – Real Sector, Fiscal Sector, Financial Sector, External Sector as well as for the Population.
The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, the Statistical Office of Kosovo and the Ministry of Economy and Finance provide updated information for the National Summary Data Page.  
An advance release calendar (ARC) is included on the CBK website and comprises provisional information concerning the timing of the data releases for a four months in advance.