Publication of financial statistics for other (not banking) financial institutions and remittances for November 2023


According to the publication calendar, the CBK published the statistics for other financial institutions for November 2023; Also, the CBK published the remittances for October and the preliminary ones for November 2023. 

Other financial intermediaries

The assets of other financial intermediaries at the end of November 2023 have increased by EUR 2.8 million compared to the previous month, amounting to EUR 499.4 million.

The structure of the assets of the microfinance sector is dominated by loans, which make up 71.% of the total assets.

The gross loans of other financial intermediaries amounted to around EUR 354.5 million in November 2023, an increase of EUR 7.6 million compared to the previous period.

Loans to households in November 2023 represent 61.8% of the total loans of the microfinance sector.

The value of new loans in November amounted to EUR 16.7 million (in October it was 35.91 million).

Insurance companies

The assets of the insurance companies at the end of November 2023 marked the value of EUR 300.6 million, which represents an increase of about EUR 200 thousand compared to the previous month.

The structure of assets in the insurance sector consists of the balance sheet with commercial banks accounting for 45.5%, securities and other assets accounting for 28.8% of assets, while reinsurance accounts for 15.1% of total assets.

Pension Funds:

The assets of Pension Funds at the end of November 2023 have increased by EUR 54.3 million compared to the previous month, marking a value of around EUR 2.65 billion.

The structure of assets of the pension sector is dominated by equity securities accounting for 77.4% of total assets.


According to preliminary estimates, remittances for November amounted to approximately EUR 101.3 million. The largest incoming flows during this month were through NBFIs with a share of 65.%, other channels 19%, while through banks 16%.

Until the end of November 2023, remittances amounted to approximately EUR 1,217.8 million, representing an increase of 10.2% compared to the same period of 2022.

For detailed information, please follow the link: 31 Remittances-by channel.xls (