Record level of deposits of 4 billion euros and full recovery of the banking sector lending


According to the latest reported data covering the period up to 1 August 2020, the level of deposits has already exceeded the value of 4 billion euros - the highest historical value since the establishment of the banking system in Kosovo. In terms of structure, still, about 60% of deposits are demand deposits, 27% time deposits, and 13% savings deposits.

The growth of deposits in the banking sector, with an accelerated trend in recent years, reflects the confidence of customers in the banking sector, a sector that is regulated and supervised by the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo. Banks are constantly advancing their payment platforms and customers now have the opportunity to apply for e-banking. Advances in the regulatory field, as well as professional, approximate and dynamic supervision, have also contributed to increasing customer confidence in the banking sector.

In addition to deposits, bank lending has fully recovered, reaching lending levels in the same period last year. New loans issued by banks only during July 2020 have reached the value of 145.0 million euros, which is a value very close to the previous year (146.2 million euros in July 2019) or even exceeding the average lending during the period July 2015 - July 2019 (110.1 million euros). Lending recovery is also representative in terms of sectors, where about 60% of loans are given to businesses.