Governor Mehmeti discusses with representatives of the chambers of commerce the recovery program


Following the regular meetings after the outbreak of pandemic Covid-19, the Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK) Mr. Fehmi Mehmeti received at the meeting the representative of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, Mr. Arian Zeka and the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce Mr. Berat Rukiqi.

Governor Mehmeti informed the representatives of the chambers of commerce about the situation in the financial sector, emphasizing that the financial sector in Kosovo, and in particular the banking sector is stable with high liquidity indicators and high levels of capital.

During the meeting, ideas were exchanged about the recovery program, and on this occasion the needs and priorities of enterprises in Kosovo, where Governor Mehmeti stressed that after the end of pandemics and the removal of restrictive measures, economic recovery will depend greatly on economic measures undertaken during and after pandemics.

Governor Mehmeti spoke about the measures to be implemented in support of households and micro, small and medium enterprises, emphasizing the role of the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund in facilitating access to finance.

Also, Governor Mehmeti emphasized that Kosovo fortunately has a low level of public debt in relation to Gross Domestic Product, which enables flexibility in terms of the recovery package.

Meanwhile, the heads of the chambers of commerce stressed, among other things, the need for closer coordination between all important actors in order to achieve a speedy recovery.

They said that among the most important priorities remain the injection of liquid assets into the economy, as well as the support of sectors whose activity will continue to be limited even after the pandemic phase, while the role of commercial banks in this regard is extremely important.