Governor Mehmeti and Minister Bajrami discuss the role of the banking sector in supporting the economy


The Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Fehmi Mehmeti met with the Minister of Finance and Transfers, Mrs. Hykmete Bajrami, with whom he discussed the current state of the economy and overcoming with as little damage as possible to the sectors affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

Another topic of discussion was the program of the Government of Kosovo for economic recovery and preparations for the revision of the Kosovo Budget.

Governor Mehmeti stressed that despite problems caused by the pandemic, the banking sector has a high degree of sustainability and potential to further increase lending to the economy.

On the other hand, Minister Bajrami praised the work being done by the CBK and called for increased inter-institutional cooperation in order to implement the package for economic recovery, given that a pretty good part of investment in this area will be through increasing credit financing, where the main goal will be to improve the financing conditions for the private sector in order to develop the country's economy.