Governor Mehmeti for Le The Kosovar diaspora last year brought 3 billion euros to Kosovo, Switzerland alone over 600 million CHF


The governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo, Fehmi Mehmeti, has given a balance of financial inflows from the Albanian diaspora in Kosovo during the past year to the Swiss newspaper in Albanian Le

According to the Kosovo Governor, the Albanian diaspora from Switzerland and EU countries brought over 3 billion euros to Kosovo, last year.

Governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo: The Albanian diaspora in Switzerland and EU countries are not only ambassadors of our country, but also investors of our perspective.

As the governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo, Mr. Mehmeti, announced, this is 5.5 percent (only for remittances) more than last year.

Mehmeti added that economic growth in 2022 is up to four percent.

Speaking about the Kosovar diaspora in Switzerland, the Kosovar governor continued to assert that "Total revenues from Switzerland (January-September) are 570.7 million, including travel expenses 267.8 million, remittances 171.4 million and foreign direct investments 132.5 million"

The economy of Kosovo started in 2022 with a good perspective as a result of the successful year 2021, which was characterized by a growth of 10.75 percent. During 2022, the change in global dynamics, the consequences of the war, were followed by rising inflation, changing monetary policy, rising interest rates, and slowing world trade growth.

According to the CBK assessment, the forecasts are that the economic growth this year will be three to four percent.

Similar to the forecasts of the IMF - Mehmeti said. Mehmeti said that the average inflation until November 2022 has reached 11.2 percent, which is 3.4 percent higher compared to the previous year.

Not only Kosovo, but also Serbia benefits from the Kosovar diaspora.

For each year, Albanian emigrants fill the coffers of Serbia with over 100 million euros.

According to the Swiss newspaper in Albanian Le, over 70 thousand Albanians from the Presheva Valley (Southern Serbia) are currently in the EU countries as far as America.

Over 20,000 of them are in Switzerland alone.

This is the Albanian diaspora in the South of Serbia, the border with Kosovo and North Macedonia, which comes mainly from three Albanian cities: Medvegja, Bujanoc and Presheva, as well as in other cities of Serbia, up to Belgrade and Novi Sad.

This was also confirmed by the prime minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, for Tanjug, who, without mentioning which diaspora, said that "for the first 10 months of last year, revenues in Serbia from export and diaspora are more than two billion euros, coming mostly from Switzerland and other European countries... »

The Albanian diaspora, mainly those from Kosovo to go on vacation or holidays in Kosovo have to pass through Serbia (transit, about 500 km on the 10th corridor highway) from the border of Croatia or Hungary in the direction of Pristina, Skopje and Tirana.

According to our sources, the Albanian diaspora from the Presheva Valley (Switzerland and other European countries), even though it is ignored by Belgrade, every year they fill the coffers of the Serbian budget with over 100 million euros per year, where, over 50 million Swiss francs from Switzerland alone?! If Serbia respected the Albanians of the Presheva Valley, as it respects their money, it would be better.