Governor Ismaili’s opening address at the World Bank’s Government Borrowers Forum highlights Kosovo’s financial market milestones and achievements


The Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr Ahmet Ismaili, delivered opening remarks at the high-level Government Borrowers Forum in Prishtina. This marks a historic milestone as Kosovo hosts the event for the first time. The forum of the World Bank Treasury gathers leading economists, debt managers and treasurers, central bankers, and policy experts, with this year's event featuring more than 70 participants from 30 countries/institutions.

In his opening remarks, Governor Ismaili highlighted the significant collaboration between the Central Bank of Kosovo and the World Bank, emphasizing the transformative impact of this partnership, particularly as CBK joined the Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership (RAMP) Program in October 2023.

Governor Ismaili took the opportunity to share some of the critical developments within Kosovo's financial market, including the historic achievement of obtaining its first Credit Rating in April 2024. This milestone not only facilitates global investor entry into the Kosovo bond market but also sets the stage for broader advancements in developing the capital market in the future. In addition, he provided an overview of the evolution of the Kosovo’s bond market. He highlighted the development of liquidity facility instruments, such as overnight lending and REPO (repurchase agreements), by the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK).

During the forum, in addition to renowned financial experts, debt managers, and treasurers, panels featured participants from various functions of the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK). CBK staff actively contributed by sharing insights into Kosovo's unique perspectives and challenges within the global financial context. Their participation enriched discussions, providing valuable perspectives on how Kosovo navigates and adapts to the evolving financial landscape.

Finally, the Governor's address resonated with the need for enhanced market infrastructure and regulatory frameworks, and Kosovo's efforts to align with broader European agendas, signaling the nation's determination to fortify its financial ecosystem.