Governor Ismaili welcomed in meeting by the Vice President and Treasurer of the World Bank Group Mr. Jorge Familiar at the Spring Meetings in Washington D.C.


The Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK), Mr. Ahmet Ismaili, alongside his team, was welcomed by the Vice President and Treasurer of the World Bank, Mr. Jorge Familiar, to the World Bank headquarters for fruitful discussions on reserve management and capacity building initiatives.

Governor Ismaili emphasized his sincere appreciation for CBK's membership in Reserve Advisory and Management Partnership (RAMP) and the invaluable opportunities it has provided for enhancing the CBK's expertise and skills through its training workshops and program.

In addition, Governor Ismaili expressed his gratitude for the visit of the high-level delegation from the World Bank, which took place in March 2024 in Prishtina, just six months after Kosovo became a member of RAMP in October 2023.

In the meeting it was noted that this year, the Government Borrowers Forum organized by the World Bank, will be held in Prishtina, Kosovo, demonstrating the growing collaboration between the World Bank and Kosovo's institutions.

Furthermore, Governor Ismaili underscored CBK's unwavering commitment to strengthening its Investment Policy in accordance with international best practices. He reiterated CBK's openness to leveraging the support provided by RAMP programs to achieve this objective effectively.

By aligning with best standards, CBK aims to enhance its financial stability and contribute positively to the strengthening of the institution.
During the meeting, discussions also focused on the progress made towards Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsible investments. Governor Ismaili emphasized CBK's dedication to this goal, which is prominently featured in the CBK's Strategic Plan. By integrating ESG principles into its investment framework, CBK seeks to foster sustainable development and uphold ethical standards in its reserve management activities.

Governor Ismaili expressed gratitude to the World Bank RAMP delegation for their valuable insights and collaborative efforts in advancing reserve management practices and capacity building initiatives at the Central Bank of Kosovo.

The fruitful exchange of ideas and expertise during the meeting further strengthens the partnership between CBK and the World Bank, paving the way for continued progress and success in achieving mutual objectives.