Governor Ismaili on the World Savings Day: the CBK, through financial education, aims to raise the awareness of citizens on the importance of finances and savings


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosova, through financial education, will contribute to raise awareness among citizens on the importance of financial responsibility for savings in the future.

This is what Governor Ahmet Ismaili said in the lecture on the World Savings Day held in fornt of the students of the “Xhevdet Doda” Gymnasium, at the premises of the CBK, adding that the CBK will focus on education, access to finance and promotion of financial inclusion.

“The CBK will focus on financial education, access to finance and promotion of financial inclusion, in cooperation with the relevant institutions. The world is changing rapidly, and we must keep up with it, the advanced changes of information technology and digital transformation, environmental and social changes, which have become part of our everyday life, thus we must prepare to face them”, highlighted Governor Ismaili.

According to Governor Ismaili, the activities organised by the CBK are being held in order to raise the awareness and encourage young people to be informed and understand the ability of proper budget management and future planning.

“The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosova marks this day for the 8th year in a row through awareness raising, educational and information activities with the aim of encouraging students and young people to be informed and understand the ability of proper financial management. Today, more than ever, it is important and necessary to cultivate a genuine culture of managing the protection of personal finances and protection of the environment, so that in the social and environmental aspect, as an individual, as a family or as a society, we have stability and sustainability”, added the Governor of CBK.

Governor Ismaili also emphasized that young people should develop their knowledge and habits for savings.

“You are still young, but this is the right time to start thinking about your financial future, while developing the knowledge and abilities for proper management of personal finances, creation of habit of savings and awareness of economic and financial issues plays a crucial role. Young people should set clear financial goals for themselves, and to achieve these goals you should start working as early as possible”, said Governor Ismaili.

In this presentation, Governor Ismaili has formally announced the competition for the ten best essays, for the students of grades X-XII of the upper secondary education schools of the Republic of Kosova.

“Taking into account the encouragement of young people to learn and be informed as much as possible on the importance of savings, today I announce a competition for students of grades X-XII of the upper secondary school of the Republic of Kosova, to write papers or essays, on their concept for savings. The competition will be open for one month, while after closing date the Selection Committee will evaluate and select the 10 best papers, which will also be awarded with a financial prizes”, expressed the Head of the CBK.

“The CBK encourages you and all high school students to compete with your papers and also to share this information with other students, either at school or with your friends”, concluded Governor Ismaili.

Finally, the present students posed questions to the CBK Governor and the Financial Education team, whereby commented on their life experiences about savings, by paying a visit to the CBK work spaces.