Governor Ismaili met with the EU Ambassador in Kosovo Mr. Szunyog


The Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Ismaili and his colleagues, welcomed  today in a meeting the Ambassador of the European Union in Kosovo, Mr. Tomas Szunyogand Mrs. Eva Palatova the Acting Head of the EU office.

Governor Ismaili disclosed the CBK's plans in order to achieve the objectives and the strategic plan, with a focus on reforming and advancing the regulatory and supervisory framework in accordance with the relevant EU legislation. Activities affecting financial stability, increased access to finance with a focus on the green economy, inclusion in global payment platforms as well as the green card, regional initiatives in the digitalization of financial services and the fight against counterfeit money were discussed.

As an important aspect that is also addressed through the Economic Reforms Program (ERP), it was discussed strengthening the capacities of the CBK with professionals, with a focus on mandated functions, as well as the need to fill key positions based on the principle of merit and integrity.

Ambassador Mr. Szunyog expressed the readiness of the European Union to support the CBK in achieving its  objectives and plans  as an independent and important institution for ensuring constitutional and legal mandate.   

The Governor expressed the gratitude of the Central Bank for the support shown by the EU for the financial system and the economy of Kosovo through numerous financial support programs, including mechanisms from European Union  institutions.