Governor Ismaili leads fruitful dialogues with high-level IMF officials at Spring Meetings being held in Washington D.C.


Governor Ismaili of the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK), accompanied by Deputy Governor Fusha, recently engaged in a series of constructive meetings with esteemed representatives from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) during the 2024 Spring Meetings being held in Washington D.C. These sessions provided an excellent opportunity to discuss significant advancements and ongoing progress within the CBK.

In a meeting with Deputy Managing Director Bo Li, Governor Ismaili participated in substantive discussions focused on key developments within the financial sector. Highlighting the crucial role of the IMF, Governor Ismaili emphasized the support provided to the CBK by the IMF in strengthening its institutional capacities and successfully implementing the recommendations from IMF missions.

Governor Ismaili attended the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) Plenary as the representative of the Republic of Kosovo to the IMF Board. This high-level forum, which included participation from IMF Managing Director Ms. Georgieva, featured robust discussions on pressing financial stability issues, vital for the CBK’s commitment to navigating challenges while enhancing financial sector resilience.

A notable aspect of the Spring Meetings was Governor Ismaili's conversation with Mr. Alfred Kammer, Director of the European Department at the IMF. During this discussion, Governor Ismaili reiterated the substantial contributions of the IMF to the CBK's reform agenda. He acknowledged the extensive technical assistance missions provided by the IMF and highlighted the critical role of international collaboration in advancing the central bank's objectives.

Throughout these discussions, Governor Ismaili reaffirmed the paramount importance of maintaining financial stability and resilience. As he continues to push forward with progressive reforms and foster strategic partnerships, the CBK remains committed to its mission of ensuring the financial stability of the country.