Governor Ismaili hosted in an introductory meeting the Board of the Kosovo Pension Savings Fund


The Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK), Mr. Ahmet Ismaili and his team met with the Board members of the Kosovo Pension Savings Fund (Trust), led by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Emanuel Bajra, accompanied by Ms. Mimoza Mustafa, Mr. Trim Shala as well as Mr. Shpresim Vranovci. The Governor discussed with them the current events in the financial sector as well as the medium and long-term perspective of the country's financial system.

In this meeting, Governor Ismaili revealed parts of his plan for future developments in the field of the financial sector, financial supervision, payment system, capital markets and financial education.

The Chairman of the Board of the KPST informed the Governor about the activities and plans, with an emphasis on the development perspective, the need for legislative and governance changes.

During this meeting, the possibilities of expanding inter-institutional cooperation related to the exchange of information and expectations and perspectives of financial markets, the aspect of credit rating of investors, expected rates of return, based on investment security objectives and best prudent practices were discussed.

The emphasis in this meeting was placed on the framework of periodic exchange of information and when required, the liquidity aspects as well as the management of assets and liabilities, in the case of the investment of reserves and savings funds, by both institutions.

The parties agreed to formalize cooperation in this regard as well, for decision-making based on data and models, always in full respect and without influence on regulatory and supervisory requirements in accordance with applicable legislation.