Governor Ismaili handed over certificates for students who completed the professional internship program for 2023 in CBK


Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr Ahmet Ismaili, handed over certificates for the students of public universities and private colleges, who successfully completed the professional internship program for 2023 in CBK.
On this occasion, Governor Ismaili congratulated students for their behavior in the CBK departments during the internship, encouraging them to continue their commitment and journey towards the profession of young bankers of the future.
"Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo will continue to support this program, offering all students the opportunity to get to know and learn closely about the work at CBK. The organization of internships for students is already a traditional activity of CBK, and aims to enable students to connect the theoretical knowledge acquired during studies and practical work in independent public institutions", Governor Ismaili said.
Governor informed the students that soon CBK will also announce the competition for the Young Economist Award, where students can become part of this competition and can also be winners of the awards given by CBK.
The internship program for students offered by CBK lasts one month and this year’s internship is characterized with the participation of students from abroad.
During the internship program at CBK, selected students are usually placed in different organizational units of CBK, where they are allowed to work under the instructions of relevant units supervisors. According to the Governor, as an innovation, starting from next year, the internship program for students will not be focused only during the summer months, but will take place throughout the year according to the requirements and criteria met by the student applicants. CBK internship program for students lasts one month and this year’s internship is characterized with the participation of students from abroad, where students studying in London and Munich also participated.

During the months of July and August, 19 interns participated in the internship program (6 of them were in the program of conducting the survey for immigrants in the Statistics Department), while the rest were in different departments such as: Banking Supervision, Insurance Supervision, Licensing and Standardization, Risk Management, Legal, Financial Planning and Reporting, External Relations, Review, Economic Analysis and Financial Stability, Asset Management, Statistics. Participating students of the internship were from the University of Prishtina - Hasan Prishtina, to the Queen Mary University in London, England and the International School of Management in Munich, Germany.