Clarification to the public


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo calls upon the general public not to fall prey to the information published on social networks regarding the sale/purchase of TEB JCS bank by Russian businessmen.

CBK has never received a request whatsoever on the change of ownership of the share capital of this bank, which has been under the ownership of BNP Paribas Fortis Yatırımlar Holding A.Ş. and Çolakoğlu Group Joint Venture as of the beginning.

TEB Bank, along with other licensed banks, have been playing an important role in creating a safe and sound financial system which has contributed to the country's economic growth and to the promotion of foreign investment, particularly in the financial sector.

Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo assures all citizens that the entire financial sector is safe and that there is no room for concern.

The CBK as a financial system supervisor will continue its work in maintaining a safe and sound financial system and will continuously improve the economic environment in which the financial industry operates.