Clarification for the opinion


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo wants to assure all citizens that the banking sector is safe and there is no need to panic.

Despite the various technological challenges, CBK in cooperation with the Association of Banks of Kosovo and commercial banks, have taken all measures so that customers are not harmed by any illegal action.

Based on its competences, CBK conducts complete and focused examinations that also include the field of information technology, including cyber security.

Part of the examinations were the findings related to the field of information technology, where various recommendations were given, which mitigate and reduce the possibility of misuse, recommending the establishment of adequate internal controls, in order to prevent cyber attacks.

The wide range of products offered by banks also carries with it the risk of exposure to cyber attacks, but in any case where there is damage to customers, of any nature, banks bear the cost of indemnifying customers.

Moreover, there have been cases when the CBK has demanded and the banks have compensated the clients against any risk.

Also, CBK is cooperating closely with all security institutions to address any need in solving problems in this sector.

CBK is also very engaged in solving all consumer complaints and has among its main priorities the protection of consumer rights.

Thanks to the campaigns undertaken, the awareness of citizens to report the cases has also increased.

From 2018 until now, the number of complaints from citizens for misuse of bank cards is 139 (2018-12; 2019-36; 2020-29; 2021-18; 2022-44).

In recent years, electronic transactions, otherwise known as purchases from the Internet, have seen a large increase and the interest of bank customers to operate in this field is great. Until October of this year, more than 1 million electronic purchase cards were issued and 38 thousand 112 transactions worth 2 million 431 thousand 910 euros were made.