CBK launches the TOLL-FREE line for citizens 0800 222-55


In order to provide additional information in a simple and understandable way for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo launched the TOLL-FREE line 0800 222-55.

This line is dedicated to citizens of Serbian community who live in the Republic of Kosovo and need to be informed correctly and concretely.

We remind you that the Regulation on Cash Operations:

-           Does not prohibit or limit the receipt of funds in bank accounts in Euros, in licensed banks;

-           Does not limit the exchange activity of any currency carried out by bank or non-bank financial institutions licensed by the CBK;

-           Does not prohibit transfers from any country; and

-           Does not prohibit the possession and saving in any non-Euro currency (including the Dinar).

Therefore, all individuals have access to bank accounts and can receive funds in their accounts in Euros.

Citizens, who do not have an account yet, can open one at any bank according to the CBK Regulation on access to payment account with basic services, which for vulnerable groups and social schemes does not provide opening or maintenance fee as of 1 January 2024.

There are four bank branches only in the four northern municipalities, three micro-financial (lending) institutions and over 15 non-bank financial institutions for payments and exchange. The number of branches and offices of financial institutions operating in that area is increasing, as financial inclusion is the objective of the CBK.