CBK is committed to solving the problems of journalists from Afghanistan


The Acting Deputy Governor for Financial Supervision, Nexhat Kryeziu, has met the representatives of the Association of Journalists of Kosovo and the Association of Banks of Kosovo.

In this meeting, it was discussed about the refusal of some commercial banks to open accounts for Afghan journalists, who have taken shelter in our country based on the decision of the Government of Kosovo for their accommodation, within the "Journalists in Residence - Kosovo" program. , which is initiated by ECPMF, and which is financed by the Government of Kosovo and supported by the Hannah Arendt Initiative.

Deputy Governor Kryeziu said that this practice is unfair, especially in this case when it has to do with humanitarian issues, while he said that the CBK will immediately take actions to solve this created problem.

On the other hand, the representatives of AGK have expressed their gratitude to the Deputy Governor Kryeziu for the quick response of the CBK in solving this situation, while both parties expressed their readiness for the two institutions to further increase their cooperation.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Banks of Kosovo, Petrit Balija, expressed his gratitude to the CBK for the immediate commitment to solving this issue, while he said that this problem will be solved during the next week.