CBK awarded prizes for the best essays in the “Plan your money, plant your future” competition


In the wake of the annual activities that it develops within the Financial Education Program, the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo has organized the awarding ceremony for the best Essay, a competition announced during the marking of Global Money Week, with the motto that is marked this year all over the world “Plan your money, plant your future”.

The Acting Governor of CBK, Bashkim Nurboja, thanked and congratulated the students for the work done on their essays, encouraging them to continue with the commitment to the role and importance of money.

The Governor also added that the CBK will continue to be focused on continuously advancing the field of financial education, always in function of increasing transparency and knowledge of citizens and the general public about products, services and the role of the financial system in the country in order to be as close to citizens as possible through the function of education.

“Financial education is a function through which CBK contributes to informing and raising the knowledge of citizens in order to improve their understanding of economic and financial concepts, products, and services offered by the financial sector and creating habits to make appropriate choices and take effective actions to improve their financial well-being. Informed and financially educated citizens know and understand more about the products and services of the financial sector, are more protected and better able to make smart decisions and better manage their finances, as well as cope with difficult financial situations. Through the contests for the best essay, the primary goal is to encourage high school youth to be more informed about economic and financial topics”, stated Nurboja.

Based on the evaluations of the commission formed by CBK, the students who received the prize for the best essay are: The first prize for the best paper was awarded to student Kreshnik Beqiri from the “Eqrem Çabej” Gymnasium in Vushtrri, the second place was awarded to the student Latif Qorri from the “Gjergj Kastrioti“ Gymnasium in Drenas, while the third place was shared by five excellent students of this competition: Omer Honsiq, student of the Medical High School in Peja, Vlona Selimi, student of the “Kuvendi i Lezhës” Gymnasium in Vitia, Erin Laçi, student of the “Gjin Gazulli” High School in Prishtina, Shkurte Elshani, student of the “17 Shkurti“ Gymnasium in Obiliq and Granit Kalaja, student of “Xhevdet Doda” Gymnasium in Prishtina.

On the other hand, on behalf of the winning students, Kreshnik Beqiri and Omer Honsiq thanked CBK for the opportunity given to them to be part of the competition, but also to increase their knowledge in the field of banking and finance.

CBK organizes these activities as part of Global Money Week which has been taking place since 2013. These organizations are led by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which aims to make children and young people aware of economic and financial issues. Global Money Week is organized in 176 countries around the world and almost every year about 53 million children and young people from different countries of the world participate in this event.