CBK and Eurostat discussed on the development of the Statistical System in Kosovo


The Deputy Governor of the CBK for Financial Supervision, Sokol Havolli, met today with an Eurostat senior delegation to discuss statistics and similar issues related to statistical information in Kosovo.

The Deputy Governor Havolli informed Eurostat officials about the progress made by the CBK in recent years to develop a sustainable statistical system that produces qualitative statistics needed for the decision-making process.

On this occasion, the Deputy Governor Havolli emphasized that the focus of the CBK is on monetary and financial sector statistics, as well as on external sector and financial account sector statistics.

“We are aware that without sound statistics we cannot monitor economic developments or draft good economic policies. We need to be well informed, in order to draft policies and to make adequate decisions, both in the private and public sectors. Therefore, the CBK is committed to compiling high quality data. Since its establishment, the CBK has worked on three key elements to build a good statistical system: (a) we have invested in capacity building to respond to high quality and timely data requests; (b) we have always implemented the latest international methodologies for compiling data in the CBK's domain; and, (c) we have developed an efficient system of disclosure and dissemination of the data produced by the CBK. This year, the CBK marks the 20th anniversary of its foundation, and during this period of twenty years important steps have been undertaken in development of a statistical system that publishes qualitative statistics", said the Deputy Governor Havolli.

He also mentioned the CBK's challenges, such as: further advancement of the legal and institutional framework, full harmonization with the 'EU acquis', compilation of statistics on financial accounts, as well as further strengthening of human capacities with additional staff and training.

The Deputy Governor Havolli thanked Eurostat for constructive support in advancing Kosovo's statistical system, and stated that CBK is ready to further strengthen this cooperation to send more data to Eurostat on Kosovo.

“The CBK would greatly appreciate any support from Eurostat and other international mechanisms in the process of full alignment of Kosovo's legal framework with the EU legislation in the field of statistics. Kosovo also needs support in the process of establishing a framework for compiling statistics on financial accounts. Any support in this context would help us to accelerate full alignment of our statistics with those of EU countries”, said the Deputy Governor Havolli.

Representatives of Eurostat, headed by the Director of Statistical Cooperation at Eurostat, Eduardo Barredo Capelot, thanked the Deputy Governor Havolli for information.

They expressed readiness to further support the CBK and Kosovo in general, in further development of the statistical system and full alignment of statistics in compliance with the EU Acquis.