Training for protection against counterfeit money


In the course of mutual cooperation  between the Kosovo Police  ( KP ) and the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (the CBK ) ,and in order to provide protection against counterfeit money in the Republic of Kosovo , the Central Committee for Analysis  of Counterfeit Money in the Republic of Kosovo (established on 11 September 2009 ), on June 29, 2010 organized a training program for protection from counterfeit mone , a program designed for selected staff of financial institutions that provide cash services in the Republic of Kosovo . The training was organized in the CBK premises.
The program was opened by the Deputy Governor, Mr. Gani Gërguri who among others stressed out the great importance of the program in protection from counterfeit money and mentioned continuous efforts and commitments undertaken by the Kosovo Police and the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo in this field.
He was followed by the speech of Mr. Faton Bajramaj , Director of the CBK Cash and Operations Directorate, explaining the role of the CBK as supervision authority for financial institutions in issuing rules and guidelines aimed for preserving the integrity of the euro , and these  instructions are dedicated    to all financial institutions operating in the Republic of Kosovo and are licensed by the CBK . Further, Mr. Bajramaj explained the measures taken by the CBK in order to avoid counterfeit euro banknotes and coins from circulation and the role and functioning of the Central Committee for Analysis of Counterfeit Money in the Republic of Kosovo . 
Legal and procedural aspects related to the withdrawal of counterfeit money from circulation were explained by the Head of Department Against Counterfeit Money within the KP Directorate for Economic Crimes, Mr. Blerim Sylejmani . Among others, Mr. Sylejmani clarified the role of the Department for investigation of counterfeit money and action procedures by financial institutions in case of suspected counterfeit money.  Mr. Sylejmani, further presented cases of suspected counterfeit money reported to the Kosovo Police during 2009 and those reported in the current year.
The keynote speaker was Mr. Bekim Bajrami , Head of Department  for Documents and Manuscripts at the  Kosovo Police Central Laboratory of Criminology ( DPPK). 
During this one-day program, over 70 participants from various financial institutions operating in Kosovo and the Kosovo Police Service members were  closely informed on the original features of euro, dollar  and pound banknotes, as well as on various traditional and electronic techniques of counterfeiting of banknotes and coins and on the measures to be taken  for protection from counterfeit money .