The International Civilian Representative Pieter Feith supports the continued independence of the CBK


The independence of the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) is of utmost importance for Kosovo’s reputation with potential investors and the wider international community, ICR Pieter Feith said today after a meeting with the new Governor of the CBK, Mr Gani Gërguri.
The ICR also used the opportunity to congratulate the Government of Kosovo, the CBK and Mr Gërguri on the Stand-by Arrangement (SBA) for Kosovo, recently approved by the International Monetary Fund, which will improve the overall financial outlook and support the financial stability of the country. The approval of the SBA follows Kosovo’s successful completion of a Staff-Monitored Program between June and December 2011.
ICR Pieter Feith said:
“The ICO priority remains the independence of the Central Bank of Kosovo, which is essential not just for the legitimate operation of the bank, but also for Kosovo’s international financial credibility. The Central Bank must continue to operate independently and without political influence.”
“I congratulate Mr. Gërguri on his commitment and professionalism as Governor of the CBK, and I would like to offer my full support for his future work.”