The Guvernor Hamza meets the New Residential Representative of IMF in Kosovo


Today the governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Bedri Hamza  hosted an introductory meeting with the new Residential Representative of the IMF in Kosovo, Mr. Frank Lakwijk. In this meeting, governor Hamza thanked the IMF for the continuous support  that has given to Kosovo and its institutions and emphasize  the successful implementation of past agreements with the IMF. He informed Mr.Lakwijk about current responsibilities and commitments of the CBK, as well as the challenges faced by the institution. He further informed the new representative of the IMF with the latest developments in the financial sector, and emphasize that the sector continues to have a stable continued sustainability and the full application of laws and regulations without any exception. Also, Governor Hamza expressed his interest  to continue the close cooperation  with the IMF institutional. In the end, he expressed special gratitude to the outgoing Resident Representative, Mr.Jose Sulemane , for his dedication and successful work during the past four years.
The new Resident Representative of the IMF, Frank Lawijk, expressed his commitment to establish a close cooperation with institutions of Kosovo and the willingness to increase further the cooperation between the institutions of Kosovo and the IMF.