The fee for depositing coins in the CBK is reduced


As part of the ongoing commitment to facilitating the circulation of cash in the economy, the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo this year has reviewed the fees applied to banks for mutual monetary transactions.
Consequently, the fee for depositing Euro coin denominations in the CBK has been reduced from 5.00% to 3.75%. This change will become effective as of March 1, 2022.

The decision to reduce the fee for depositing Euro coin denominations was taken at the meeting of the Executive Board of the CBK.

The CBK expects that the changed fee will contribute to the increase of access of both citizens and businesses to the services of local banks with cash.

Otherwise, the current cost for the CBK to carry out operations related to the banking activity of depositing coins continues to be significant.

Regarding the supply of Euro coin denominations, since 2015, the applicable fee for local banks for withdrawal is 0.00% (free of charge).