The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo increases cooperation with the Bank of Albania


The Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Bedri Hamza hosted in a meeting Mr.Gent Sejko, Governor of the Bank of Albania. Kosovo’s Governor thanked Mr.Sejko for this visit and initially made a detailed explanation on the current economic and financial developments in Kosovo, with special emphasis on the banking industry, insurance industry and the challenges that this system has passed through. According to the data and indicators of current developments we are dealing with a sound and liquid financial system, positive developments are continuously shown in the entire sectors, - said Governor Hamza.
During the meeting the two governors have exchanged information on developments in general, and on the challenges that financial sectors of both countries are facing.

Governor Hamza thanked Mr.Sejko for the up to now contribution of the Bank of Albania provided to the CBK and at the same time emphasized the CBK’s will to further advance cooperation in conformity with the spirit of earlier agreements reached between our two institutions, deepening the spirit of cooperation in the professional development of employees of both institutions with particular focus on the field of macroeconomic analysis and modelling, European integration, strategic planning, financial stability, payment systems and financial education.
By both governors in this occasion was highly evaluated the cooperation between the two institutions, where to the CBK, by means of Governor Sejko from Bank of Albania was offered to deepen cooperation in various fields that coincide with developments in the spirit of contemporary practices. Governor Hamza has also showed the readiness of the CBK, which always conform to the excellent spirit of cooperation, will provide its assistance to various areas that BoA considers important in getting experiences.
During the meeting, the Governor Sejko thanked Governor Hamza and the CBK and promised that meetings of our institutions, and professional cooperation with the CBK will continue in the future and will be effective reaffirming the willingness of the institution he leads for further support and close cooperation with the CBK, in addressing the issues that are considered of common interest.
Governor Sejko accompanied by the Governor Hamza payed an homage visit to the Memorial of Jashari Family, and visited the city of Prizren.
This was the first visit to Kosovo of Governor Sejko since he took the Governor's office.