The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo has continued marking of Global Money Week


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo has continued marking of the Global Money Week with high school students of the country. On the second day, the event took place in the Economic High School "Hasan Prishtina" in Mitrovica. On this occasion, the Governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo, Mr. Bedri Hamza, speaking in front of students and professors of this school highlighted the importance of saving, financial management, and the role of marking the International Money Week. Governor encouraged the youth of this school and their coevals from other schools, to be devoted to the learning in order to achieve their goals. He said: "Everything is possible, but requires hard work, dedication and discipline", adding that it is possible to earn money by doing a fair work“.Be sure that it is possible to earn money from working honestly. But you should be careful when spending the earned money".

Another advice of the Governor was: "You should spend less than you earn." You must save because the time comes when the need for spending increases and chances for earning are limited, therefore a balance between these two has to be found. For a parent is not the same having the child in elementary school as in the secondary and in university because the costs rise. The age when you are in good health is not the same with the age when you need to invest in health. We often do not save when we can afford to save and as we get older we complain. We are aware that state pensions are not enough, that’s why we have to starting thinking how to save for that age" he said. In today's event for marking the Global Money Week was present the Mayor of Mitrovica, Mr. Agim Bahtiri, who thanked the CBK staff for choosing Mitrovica to mark the Global Money Week. On that occasion he advised students that with hard work and determination anything can be accomplished. Mr. Islam Bahtiri, Senior Officer for Cash Operations at the CBK demonstrated to the students how to distinguish counterfeit banknotes from the original ones.

The students of Economic High School "Hasan Prishtina", divided into six groups, competed at the quiz, to test their knowledge on the role of the Central Bank, the financial industry, insurance, pensions etc. Knowledge and understanding shown testified that a good future expects students of this school. The best students were awarded with prizes.
The CBK activity continues tomorrow at the University "Haxhi Zeka" in Peja, with the lecture on "The corporate governance of financial institutions", whereas on Thursday at the Faculty of Economics, University "Hasan Prishtina" the lecture on "Development of market securities in the Republic of Kosovo" and an improvised auction of "sale of securities" will take place.