The Central Bank awarded Prices to Young Economists and the Best Stories in Journalism in the field of financial system


The Central Bank in the wake of its annual activities, this year has also continued in awarding the price of the Jung Economists and the one on the Best Story in Journalism initiated for the first time. Regarding candidates, based on the criteria set out in the CBK’s competition for the "Prize of Young Economist" after evaluation on best research works in the field of economy and finance, after reviewing and assessing these paper works, always considering criteria set by the competition, and after final evaluation the academic professional commission has announced as winners of the award the following candidates: first place: Aurela Deshishku for her work paper on "Nonperforming Loans: An analysis of the Indicators of the deteriorating asset quality in South Eastern Europe ", second place: Halim Mahmud for his work paper on " Fiscal Moral from SME Perspective in Kosovo "and third place to: Arian Krasniqi for his paper on " Creating Competitive Advantages of the Enterprise via application of the Differentiation Strategy (Case study: Banking Sector).
While on the competition announced this year by the CBK titled: CBK’s price for the Best Story in journalism from the field of economy and financial system which after evaluation of submitted papers from a joint committee of independent members of the mass media community and observer members from the CBK have carefully reviewed the applications and decided to award the CBK Price for the Best Story in journalism from field of economy - financial system: with the following topics and categories: best TV story with the topic: "Kosovo's economic growth"! to Mr. Faton Salihu, the theme is carried by RTK journalist, best story in printed media/ press, electronic media was awarded to: Lulzim Ahmeti from Telegraph Agency on the topic: "The millions who come to Kosovo from Afghanistan "; Mr. Albert Spahiu from newspaper Economia on the topic:" The banking sector profits only from loans" and to Mr. Rrahman Ramaj from Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) on the topic " Fiscal package for citizens".

At a ceremony organized at the CBK, the Governor Hamza addressing to young researchers and to the representatives of the winning awards from media community, the Governor noted that at CBK has already become a tradition the award for young economists, an activity that aims to encourage the research in the field of economy among young researchers. Further, he emphasized that the continuous increase in number of papers submitted has also resulted in enhance of the quality of works prepared by candidates for this award, and this is a guarantee of encouragement for candidates to continue to be part of such competitions and be part of the competition for this price.
At the same time the Governor thanked the representatives of mass media who were rewarded for the themes treated, promising that prices in this area will now be part of tradition and will be awarded to the best competitive topics in the financial sphere providing mutual cooperation in the field of right information on the developments in the banking - financial sector in general. Further on, on the importance of this competition also spoke the winning candidates of the price the Young Economist and those in the field of mass media and said that this competition is in the good to all communities enabling them to demonstrate their capabilities by competing with papers or topics related to the sphere of economy.