The Central Bank awarded certificates to outstanding students attending Internship Program at CBK


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo in the wake of Student Internship Program has enabled also this year many excellent students of Kosovo colleges and universities to attend Internship program at the CBK.
Upon completion of Professional Internship at a ceremony organized on the occasion and at the presence of senior managers of the CBK the Governor Hamza awarded certificates to all students who have successfully followed the internship program. CBK’s Governor Mr. Bedri Hamza underlined the commitment of the students while they were following the internship. Further on, the Governor Hamza talking about the role and opportunity offered to students to follow the internship program in the CBK has stated that this program is an excellent opportunity which will contribute them to increase their knowledge and shape their professional development. He also encouraged the students after graduation to attend competitions in CBK and why not any of them be part of the CBK staff.
The internship program for students offered by CBK enables the connection between theoretical knowledge acquired during studies and practical work in independent public institutions. The program lasts four weeks and does not in any way imply any formal job relationship with the CBK.
During the internship selected students are assigned into different organizational units of the CBK and work under instructions of the respective unit supervisors. CBK encourages all students to apply for the Student Internship Program at the CBK.