The Central Bank and the Chamber of Doing Business agree to increase cooperation


In the meeting discussed the issues and challenges faced by the businesses represented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. On this occasion, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Doing Business, Mr Skender Krasniqi, emphasized that they have built bridges of communication with the CBK even earlier where many issues faced by Kosovo's businesses have been addressed, and that in a way, they are also related to the financial system in general and the banking system in particular.
Governor Ismaili promised that the requests of businesses that are related and belong to the scope of CBK will be taken into account, carefully analysed, and maximum efforts will be made to solve them. Concerns of the nature that coincide with the increase in access to finance and financial services, the advancement of the legal framework, and other issues that are related to the cooperation between the CBK and the economic chambers in the country, will take place in the work priorities of the Governor.
The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo and Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo agreed to increase cooperation and communication in order to increase transparency especially for the services of the financial and banking industry, which coincide with the support of the industry as a branch of the economy in the current circumstances.