The CBK’s 2017 professional internship program for students is finished


Distinguished students from different universities in Kosovo have attended the CBK professional internship program which was held for four weeks during July and August 2017. The main objective of this program is to share the CBK staff experiences with selected students and to accomplish particular projects. Selection of successful candidates is done based on their studies’ results and the degree of motivation to carry out professional practice at the CBK. 

The professional internship program held during the summer season is the main internship program for students. This program provides a good opportunity for students to better understand the work and responsibilities related to CBK's core activities. Candidates who attend master studies may also be part of this practice. Practitioners carry out research projects under the supervision of the CBK experienced staff.

This year, the CBK has conducted a survey to estimate the expenses of non-residents during their visits to Kosovo. Non-residents visiting Kosovo during the summer season are mainly Kosovans living in Germany, Switzerland and other countries. Students led and supervised by the Department of Statistics conducted a survey on two Kosovo border crossings (Pristina International Airport in Sllatina and Merdare in Podujevo) to interview non-residents who were leaving Kosovo. In the role of the surveyors, the students conducted around 1500 surveys. The purpose of this survey was to gather information regarding the level and structure of expenditures of non-residents during the summer in Kosovo. Collected information is an important source for enhancing the quality of the estimates in compilation of balance of payments statistics. Moreover, this information provides good evidence of the diaspora's financial impact in Kosovo's economy.
Upon the completion of professional practice at the CBK for the participants who attended this program was organized a ceremony for awarding certificates. On this occasion, Deputy Governor Mr. Lulzim Ismajli congratulated the students for their work, discipline and dedication in carrying out this study. He encouraged students to follow the path of professional and academic advancement, hoping that one day any of them will be part of financial institutions, whether in the country or in the international institutions where Kosovo participates. The students thanked the CBK staff, with particular emphasis on the Department of Statistics on the provided training and the experience shared with them. At the end of the ceremony, Deputy Governor Lulzim Ismajli awarded certificates to all students for completing their professional internship.