The CBK publishes the Kosovo National Retail Payments Strategy


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, in cooperation with the World Bank and in consultation with other relevant institutions of the public and private sector, have developed the Kosovo National Retail Payments Strategy 2021-2026. This document defines the strategic orientation for the field of payments, for reforms and further development of the retail payments, as a factor of special importance for facilitating and increasing the economic activity in the country.

The document provides a high level of strategic guidance, with the vision of creating a modern and inclusive retail payments market in Kosovo, supported by a safe and efficient payment infrastructures, and a wide range of payment instruments and services that meet the needs of payment service users throughout the country. This document has been drafted in line with best international practices and standards, based on six guiding principles:

  • Transparency, fairness, and protection of users of payment services;
  • Advanced and interoperable payment infrastructure and access point network;
  • Advancing the existing legal and regulatory framework;
  • Strong competition, complemented with cooperation;
  • Governance and risk responsibilities; and
  • Effective supervision.

National Strategy for Low Value Payments in Kosovo 2021-2026