The CBK organized a Roundtable on the occasion of the International Internal Audit Awareness Month


Like in other countries of the world, the CBK, respectively the Department of Internal Audit has organized a roundtable on the occasion of the International Internal Audit Awareness Month. The roundtable organized on this occasion was titled "Role and Importance of Internal Audit". Marking this event at the global level aims to advance the role that internal audit has on organizational governance, internal control and effective risk management. The CBK's roundtable was attended by the CBK management led by Governor Bedri Hamza, the Governing Board and the Audit Committee chaired by Mr. Bedri Peci and heads of CBK relevant departments.

During the presentations it was said that Audit has an important role in the organization, which should be in the function of improving and advancing the processes within the organization, whereby distinguished professional auditing services should always be for the sole purpose of achieving the CBK objectives.
The importance of internal audit was addressed by the Governor Mr. Bedri Hamza, the Chairman of the CBK Board, Mr. Bedri Peci, and the Chief of Internal Audit, Mr. Bezad Halilaj, who in front of the audience made a presentation on the role, functions and challenges that the audit represents in an organization towards the long-term strategies of the institution in general and in the concrete case, of the CBK in particular. This event, marked for the first time by the CBK, will be traditional and will be marked with other activities and events, roundtables or conferences in the years to come.