The CBK launched the marking of Global Money Week


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo launched the marking of the Global Money Week with the activity involving the awarding of prizes from the competition announced for the best works on the theme “Build your future, be smart about money!”
The Global Money Week is organized by the OECD International Network on Financial Education (OECD/INFE) with the participation of 176 from all around the world, organizing awareness-raising activities on the proper money management.

In the framework of the Global Money Week, which is traditionally marked by the CBK, the ceremony for awarding prizes for the five winners of the competition among the grades IV-V of primary schools in Kosovo, who competed with their works created based on their concept of money management, namely how to make money, how to spend money properly, managing personal finances, how to save, etc., took place today.

The main purpose of this activity is to contribute and encourage children to start learning and raise awareness about the value of money and its proper management at an early stage.

The students were hosted by the CBK Coordinator for General Functions, Labinot Preniqi, who stated that the CBK will continue to provide opportunities for children education. “We always encourage you to attend such competitions and learn and get to know more about this field and continue to apply with your works in the future competitions, because as a result of the increase of knowledge on basic economic and financial concepts you are more careful with your money, your savings, you will listen to your parents on how to spend money and get the best advice regarding money”, Preniqi said.

Following a careful examination of all the works brought by the children, the evaluation commission decided to award five prizes. Most of the works received at the CBK were creative, relevant to the theme and worked with great care and dedication.

The first prize was awarded to the video of the student of SHFMU “Xhemajl Mustafa”, Prishtina, Dris Sejdiu, the second prize went to the student Jonida Salihu for drawing and rope work from SHFMU “Dardania,” Prishtina.
The third prize was awarded to the student Liza Limani for her work on a video, the fourth prize awarded to the student of the European School of Kosovo, Enea Shala for the drawing/painting, while the fifth prize was awarded to the student Ubejd Idrizi from SHFMU “Gjon Serreqi”, Ferizaj.
The CBK thanked all the winning students and encouraged them to continue to follow the financial education activities on the CBK platform or on social media.