The CBK held its year-end media conference


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo has successfully achieved its legal objectives by providing a stable financial system with a satisfactory development trend, which has continued to be one of the main supporters of the country's economic development, the Acting Governor, Mr. Fehmi Mehmeti said at the conference with the media representatives held today at the CBK.
Acting Governor, Mr. Mehmeti also stressed out that effective communication with the media has played an important role in communicating the message to the public, on a sustainable financial system. Acting Governor, Mr. Mehmeti presented the most important activities of the year for the Kosovo economy, and the CBK activities in particular.

Further, Acting Governor, Mr. Mehmeti answered journalists' questions and thanked them for the cooperation and correctness shown during 2017, wishing them a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year 2018.

For more, find the speeech of Acting Governor Mehmeti here