The CBK expands the range of statistics published for the financial sector


Prishtina, January 29, 2013.  According to the Law on the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, as specified in the Regulation on Monetary and Financial Statistics and Financial Accounts, the CBK started with the publication of statistics on microfinance institutions, institutions that deal with leasing and statistics on money transfer agencies in conformity with international statistical standards of International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank, Eurostat and other relevant institutions.

 Published statistics on microfinance institutions and institutions dealing with leasing include    balance sheet, loans by institutional sectors and economic development, leasing, new loans issued, the effective interest rates on loans and the income statement. 

 Published statistics on money transfer agencies include the balance sheet, international transfers and income statement. 

These statistics include statistical period starting from January 2012 and are compiled on a monthly basis. Reporting modalities implying terms, instruments definitions, reporting forms and validation rules are specified in the CBK statistical standards known as Statistical Report on Microfinance Institutions, Microfinance Institutions Interest Rate Report and Statistical Report on Money Transfer Agencies.

To access these statistics, follow the link Time series. Moreover, these statistics will begin to be published in the Monthly Statistical Bulletin, starting from the December 2012 edition.