The CBK expands Public Education Program


In the frame of the CBK Financial Education Program, Governor Bedri Hamza hosted today students of the Journalism Department, respectively MA students at the Department of Journalism at the Faculty of Philology, Public University "Hasan Prishtina". The visit took place in the course of the Kosovo Central Bank activities with educational institutions in Kosovo, aiming the development of the Financial Education Program.

On this occasion, Governor Hamza, elaborated the role and functions of the CBK organizational structure pillars, informing students on the scope of the relevant departments within the CBK structure.
In addition, he also spoke on the Central Bank's role in maintaining financial stability in Kosovo. The Governor also presented the data, indicators and performance of the Kosovo banking system over the years. During this organized lecture, students participated actively in the conversation with questions related to the financial field.
As a result, the debate proved as fruitful for the students and the CBK, which will continue to raise the level of financial education program for the public in the future. Prof. Dr. Naser Miftari, professor of Economic Rights, thanked the CBK for hosting the students. At the end, Governor, thanking students for participating in his lecture, promised Professor Miftari, that the CBK institution remains open and ready to increase the knowledge on the CBK, whether through lectures or active participation in public education programs in the coming years.