The CBK Award to Young Economists


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK), in the field of financial education and in order to promote research among young economists in Kosovo, has created the opportunity to award a prize for the best study presented by young economists.

Papers for this award must be in the field of the Financial Sector and Economic Development in Kosovo, with special emphasis on being focused on the following topic:

The impact of inflation on European and Kosovo Trade;

Regarding this, the CBK will organize a special event to announce the best submitted papers, as defined in the following text;

Acceptance rules:

1. The submitted topic must meet the criteria of a scientific work. It can be in the form of a graduate thesis (bachelor), post-graduate thesis (master) or in the form of a doctoral thesis (PhD).

2. In competition, with the submitted paper, the candidate must be the lead author.

3. The topic must be written in Albanian, Serbian or in English language.

4. Format: the submitted paper should not be longer than 25 pages, the font should be in Times New Roman 12, double spaced.  The executive summary should not be longer than one page and a list of all references should be attached to the paper.

5. The selection commission composed of the CBK's staff, not only selects the papers to be published by the CBK, but may also suggest one or more of the young competing economists to be awarded a prize.

The selection commission will review the papers using the general criteria approved by the CBK leaders: (a) the subject's interest in the Kosovo-international economy (b) the quality of scientific research or synthesis, and (c) the quality of the writing. In addition, the research and writings of others, included in the submitted paper, should be well identified in footnotes and bibliographic references.

6. The first prize will be awarded with EUR 1000, the second prize with EUR 700 and the third prize with EUR 500.

7. Without prejudice to point No. 6, the final decision on the number of awards depends on the quality of the submitted papers, and the decision will be taken at the end by the selection commission. Therefore, it is not mandatory that the number of rewards be one or more than one.

8. Previous awards winners and current employees of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo may not apply with their papers in this competition.

9.Iinterested students may apply by:

– Submitting their papers in electronic version (PDF), at accompanied by three written copies sent to the following address: Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK), Attn. "The CBK Award to Young Economists", Garibaldi Street No. 33, Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo.

– Name of the lead author of the topic and the respective University/Faculty. (In case the students cooperate with their professors during while working on the topic)
– Copy of ID card.

10. The deadline for submission will be: 30 November 2022.