Successful Presentation of the Kosovo Delegation in the Spring Sessions in IMF


The Delegation of the Republic of Kosovo comprised of: Mr. Ahmet Shala, Minister of Economy and Finance and Mr. Hashim Rexhepi, the Governor of the Central Bank of Kosova, during the spring sessions of the IMF, have attained meetings with the high officials of the International Monetary Fond, as with the Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, Mr. Mourilio Portugal, with the executive directors of many member countries of IMF, and with Officials from the World Bank. Other meetings proceeded with Mr. Shigeo Katsu,.Alonzo L.Fulgham and Ken Yamashita, USAID Officials. Also, were attained meetings with Mr. Eric Meyer, Official from the American Treasury, with the high officials from the President’s Executive Office of the United States. The Kosovar Delegation has attained separate meetings with the Slovenian Minister of Finance, Mr. Franc Krizanic and Minister of Finance of Montenegro, Mr. Igor Luksic.

During these meetings, the key topic was the Kosovo adherence to IMF, respectively, the support of this process by the side of institutions and officials with whom the delegation attained the meetings.
Also, during those meetings other specific issues on economic matters were discused, aiming at increasing the cooperation and multidimensional support by the above mention institutions.

On 25th and 26th of April, during the two days meetings, on behalf of the annual spring sessions at the Monetary Fond, the Kosovo Embassy in America together with the Minister of Economy and Fianance of the Kosovo Republic, have attained a sensitizing campaign regarding the Kosovo adherence to IMF.
On this occassion to the members of attendance delegations in IMF were distributed broshures, contents of which would introduce them to the latest developments in Kosovo, prior taking the decision during the election process on the Kosovo adherence to IMF.

On 29 th of April, the Kosovo Delegation returned to Kosovo, without willing to prejudge the final voting result, convinced that the voting proces on the Kosovo adherence to IMF will be successfuly concluded and will be finalized on 5th of May of this year. In the meanwhile in Washington is residing the reprezentative of the Kosovar Party, who is closely following the voting proces, which will be finalized on 5th of May of this year. Attendance of the Kosovo Delegation in those meetings has raised the awareness of many international prestigious medias as well as those lokal.