External Sector Statistics

Balance of Payments Statistics of Kosovo have been published since 2006 on annual basis, covering the period 2004-2005. Starting from 2010, these statistics are compiled and published on quarterly basis.

External Sector Statistics include Balance of Payments Statistics and International Investments Position. Balance of Payments Statistics include transactions between residents and nonresidents such as transactions on goods, services, income, etc. For more on Balance of Payments Statistics, please refer to:

Balance of Payments Statistics Methodology

Trade in Services Methodological Handbook

Compilation of the Balance of Payments Statistics is based on the statistical projects: International Transactions Report System, International Trade Statistics, Surveys, and other sources of information.

International Transactions Report System is a statistical project based on the monthly reporting from commercial banks on international transactions (receipts/payments of goods, services, income, transfers, direct investments, etc.) processed through commercial banks.

International Trade Statistics include data on imports and exports of goods, in the framework of Balance of Payments Statistics. These statistics are related to general merchandise (regular import and export), goods for processing, goods for repair, etc.

Surveys include reporting of the financial statements and international transactions of various institutions (mainly nonfinancial corporations) on their activity with nonresidents on services, income, investments, etc.

Other sources of information for Balance of Payments compilation are the data collected through questionnaires from institutions such as: EULEX, UNMIK, KFOR, government and other institutions.

Balance of Payments Statistics are compiled in accordance with international standards such as:

Balance of Payments Statistics and International Investments Position Manual BPM6 (IMF, 2009);
Balance of Payments Statistics and International Investments Position Compilation Guide (IMF, 2014);
System of National Accounts (SNA 2008);
European system of accounts (ESA 2010).