SOS Children’s Village Visit to CBK


Under the framework of financial education program, on May 30, 2016, was organized a visit to the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo from the children of SOS Village, these children were invited by the Governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo, Mr. Bedri Hamza.
During the meeting of the Governor with the children, various issues were discussed such as every day work, the importance of money management, savings, CBK functions, the operation of financial institutions in Kosovo and so on.
Governor Hamza promised that the Central Bank of Kosovo will pay special attention to the children of SOS Village in order to ensure their support and involvement in all educational financial activities.

In addition to the meeting with the Governor, the children had the opportunity to get familiar with the structure of the Central Bank, as well as work and functions of some of the most important departments in the CBK.
In expressing their gratitude, the children of SOS Village had prepared a symbolic gift for the CBK with a message of saving money.
The children of SOS Village were previously involved by the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo in its activities related to financial education, on the occasion of celebration of the Global Monetary Week, an event held in cooperation with the Kosovo Museum.